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Saturday, April 05, 2014

10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2014

1: Enlisted Military Personnel

Enlisted Military Personnel

Job Stress Score: 84.70

Average Salary:   $28,840

Enlisted military grade are non commission officers. Their jobs are highly responsible in sense of duties they spend their lives only for their countries. They are fighting in front of any battle in any aspects for the sake of their country survives only with no cares of their own lives.

2: Military General

Military General

Job Stress Score: 65.50

Average Salary:   $196,300

Army general is the most senior person in military and major part of its in government as well. He leads the military operations to command, dictate tactical strategy to success in combat and for the safety of his subordinates and its civilians.

3: Firefighter


Job Stress Score: 60.45

Average Salary:   $45,250

Fire fighter are fire rescue person who responsible to do one of the most dangerous job. Rescue to victims, first aid, burn treatment, fire investigation, fire prevention for saving the lives of civilians.

4: Airline Pilot

Airline Pilot

Job Stress Score: 60.28

Average Salary:   $106,000

The job responsibility of Airline pilot is most responsible job as we know pilot fly plane for airlines that transport people and cargo services. Pilot should be ensured all the information on the route, weather and plane condition, ensuring the fuel, all the safety stuff are working properly.

5: Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Job Stress Score: 49.93

Average Salary:   $45,810

Event coordinator responsible for planning the events for which he or she is coordinating. Ex: prepare presentation, visit venue to plan layout, edit and design promotional material and manage all the correspondence.

6: Public Relations Executive

Public Relations Executive

Job Stress Score: 48.92

Average Salary:   $54,170

Public relation officer used platform of media for building and sustain a good relationship among employees and organization, helps government bodies, businesses, planning publicity strategies, writing and producing presentation and press releases  

7: Corporate Executive (Senior)

Corporate Executive

Job Stress Score: 47.46

Average Salary:   $168,140

Sr. corporate executive originate the policies and lead the operations of private and publicly- held companies. 

8: Newspaper Reporter

Newspaper Reporter

Job Stress Score: 46.75

Average Salary:   $35,870

Interviewing and cover news on different affairs or events to peoples. Build contacts too related agencies or government departments to maintain flow of news. Working with team of technician, photographers and editor.  

9: Police officer

Police Officer

Job Stress Score: 46.66

Average Salary:   $55,270

Police officer provides protection against crime and criminals investigate criminal activities, gathering evidence, interviewing suspects, victims and witnesses to accomplish community safety and crime reduction.  

10: Taxi driver

Taxi Driver

Job Stress Score: 46.18

Average Salary:   $22,820

Taxi driver operate taxi on city roads, picking up and delivering passengers, Taking safest route load and unload the vehicle, calculating route distance and keeping his cab clean.


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