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Sunday, February 17, 2013

10 Highest Paying Jobs In the World

10: Airline Pilots

Income:    $106,000

Airline Pilot is one of the most sophisticated professions in the world. Pilots are a major part of Air Transport. The Pilots, who work for Airline called Airline Pilots. Airline Pilots salary range is very high throughout the world, and those Pilots who have more than 10 years of experience have an annual earning more than $200,000. Airline Pilots have attractive retirement packages higher than any other profession.

9: Marketing Managers

Income:    $115,000

Marketing play an important rule for any business promotion. It is the process of selling the goods or services to the customers. Marketing Managers comes up with great market research and plan their strategies to link with the customers and generate business leads. Their job is to satisfy the customers and convince them for buy their products or services. They play a key role in the business world. Marketing Managers lead their team, and they are responsible for the business development.

8: IT Managers

Income:    $120,000

IT is the short form of “Information Technology”. It is Computer and Telecommunication based technology for storing and utilizing the information by using Software’s and Applications. IT Managers handle the entire system, which includes hardware, software and network. IT Managers analyze the problem and provide the best possible solution. They must have enough knowledge and good experience to handle any type of situation.

7: Natural Sciences Managers

Income:    $129,000

Natural Science is the Biological and Physical Science that covers the Natural World. Natural Sciences Managers supervise the work of Natural Scientists. They tend to follow their team at their Research Center or Laboratory. Natural Sciences are an interesting area of science, and it used in a broad area of life and the environment. Natural Sciences Managers are highly qualified and earn too much in Science field.

6: Petroleum Engineers

Income:    $148,000

Petroleum Engineering is a substantial industry that includes the exploration and production of Oil and Gas from its reserves below the surface of ground. Petroleum Engineers develop their research plan for find new Oil and Gas fields, and mining for extract Oil and Gas from their deposits. From its starts Petroleum Engineering is a high paid job.

5: Lawyers

Income:    $150,000

Lawyer is a person who is practicing the law. They are officially called Advocates. Lawyers provide legal guidance and legal protection for any person or firm against their legal issues and disputes in accordance with the law. Lawyer is the most responsible and respectful profession in the world, which requires extraordinary intelligence and special debating and negotiation skills.

4: Psychiatrists

Income:    $159,500

Psychiatrists or Physiologists are the physicians who specialize in human psychiatry. Psychiatrists offer Mental Health treatment and try to resolve the human stress and mental illness. They ask from their patient about their life, and after accessing their mental condition they provide the physic solution and help them back into the normal life. Psychiatrists are well trained Doctors and they earn too much in the Medical field.

3: Dentists

Income:    $175,000

Dentists are the specialist of Oral Health Care. They treat patient teeth’s and jaws problems. Dentists diagnose the dental diseases and provide the full treatment to the patient. Destistry is a large field in Dental Health which includes, General Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist and Ortho Dentist. It is the high paid profession in Medical field which involve huge practice.

2: Chief Executive Officers

Income:    $180,000

Chief Executive Officer also called CEO of the company. They are the highest ranking officers or administrators of the organization and have huge authorities. CEO is the most senior officer of any business and responsible for the entire operations and day to day performance. They develop the strategies and plans for company’s rapid growth. Every firm needs Chief Executive Officer to manage their growth and to handle their entire team.

1: Surgeons

Income:    $210,000

Surgeon comes from the Greek word “Cheirourgia” which means “Hand Word”. Surgeons are the specialist in surgery and operation. They diagnose and treat the patient’s injury or illness. Their treatment includes, cutting of the body and removal of the malformation or repair the effected body part. Surgeons earn higher than any other occupation, because it deals with human life, which requires high qualification, continues practice and knowledge of the patient medical history.


lizabaker February 22, 2013 at 5:11 AM

The reason why I would like to know what are the highest paying jobs out of college? This will help students like me to determine which course to take if I really want a high paying job. :D

Unknown April 15, 2013 at 8:06 AM

Hand work wins! Thank you for the insightful article.


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