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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Famous Asian Love Stories

1: Laila Majnu

Qays ibn al-Mulawwah was a young boy when he fell deeply in love with Layla Al-Aamiriya. It is said that Laila and Majnu were in affectionate love with each other, but Laila’s parents were not in support of this relationship. Because of this reason both ran away and settled in Binjor (India). They died, after a short time but their love remains alive even today. The Tomb of their love still exists in a small village called Binjor, which is located in Rajasthan near Sri Ganganagar, two kilometers from the border of Pakistan.

2: Shreen Farhaad

Shreen and farhaad also known as Khosrow and Shirin. The ware belongs to Persian tribe in balochistan. Famous poet Nizami Ganjavi wrote this famous love story of heartbreaking romance Shreen and Farhad. Khosrow, before proposing marriage to Shirin, tries to have relationship with a woman named Shekar in Isfahan.

3: Heer Ranjha

Heer is the beautiful daughter of a wealthy jatt family in jhang. Ranjha, the youngest and favorite son of his father. He leads a life of simplicity & playing the flute (‘Wanjhli’/’Bansuri’). Heer is engaged to marry another man, but heer is also love with ranjha. Heers uncle poisons her food in a wedding day. Until ranjha had came to help she already eaten the poisonous sweets and died. Ranjha takes the poisonous sweet too by which heer has died. Heer and Ranjha are one of the awful historical loves story. They are buried in a Punjab town in Pakistan called jhang.

4: Shahjahan Mumtaaz Mehal

In 1612, a teenage girl, Arjumand Banu, married 15-year-old ShahJahan, ruler of the Mughal Empire. Renamed Mumtaz Mahal, she became his first wife & born Shah Jahan’s 14 children. After Mumtaz died in 1629, the grieving emperor resolved to create fitting monument.

5: Sassui Punnun

Sassui is the daughter of the king of Bhambore, when she was born, astrologers predicted that she will be a curse for the noble family. The queen orders the child to be put in a wooden box and thrown in the Indus River. A washerman of the Bhambour village finds the wooden box and adopts the child. Punun is the son of King Mir Hoth khan, Khan of Kicham (Kech). Sassui and Punnun fall in love at first sight.

6: Sohni Mahiwal

Sohni Mahiwal

Sohni Mahiwal also known as Suhni mehar. Sohni Mahiwal ware belong to Punjab, the beautiful girl Sohni was born to a potter named Tulla (Toolha). They were from the Kumhar caste, and lived in Gujrat, Pakistan. At the time, Gujrat on the Chenab River. Bodies of Sohni and Mahiwal were recovered from the River Indus near Shahdadpur, Sindh, some 75 km far from Hyderabad, Pakistan. Sohni's tomb is located at Shahpur Chakar Road, Shahdadpur.

7: Noori Jam Tamachi

Noori Jam Tamachi

Noori jam tamachi ware belongs to sindh Pakistan. Jam Tamachi was a Samma prince, a ruler of Sindh. A girl of this class Noori by name happened to attract the attention of Jam Tamachi, who madly fell in love with her, and raised her above the ladies of royal blood. She was also called Gandri, her caste name. Tombs of noori jam tamachi located in thatta sindh Pakistan.

8: Momal Rano

Momal Rano

Mumal was a gorgeous princess and living in a glamorous palace named Mirpur Mathelo (it was previously named as kak mehal) in Ghotki Pakistan. The story begins with the description of the charms, clothes and perfume adorning Mumal or Momal and her seven sisters and an attendant as they weave a web of magic in the Kak palace to attract rich suitors for the hand of Mumal, deprive them of their wealth and also finish them off in a maze of labyrinths, fake ponds and other illusions of the palace.

9: Mirza Sahiban

Mirza Sahiban

Mirza Sahiban ware belongs to Punjab. Sahiban was the daughter of Mahni Khan, the chief of Kheewa. Mirza is the son of Wanjhal Khan, a land baron of the Kharal Rajput tribe, a town in the Jaranwala area of what is now Faisalabad, Pakistan. Mirza is sent to his relatives' house in Khivan to study, where he meets Sahiban and they fall in love. When, later in life, Sahiban is to be wedded to Taha Khan of the Chander family by arrangement of her parents, she sends a message to Mirza, living in the village of Danabad, through a Brahmin called Karmu.

10: Umar marvi

Umar marvi

Umar Marvi is a famous Asian love store .Umar and Marvi belongs to Sindh Pakistan Umar(Syed Hussain Ali Shah Fazlani), king of Umarkot, is looking for a bridebut finds none to his liking. . Phog (Noor Muhammad Charlie) mentions the unmatchable beauty of Marvi (Nigat Sultana), a village girl from Malir whom he loves but who is engaged to a fellow villager.


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