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Curabitur et lectus vitae purus tincidunt laoreet sit amet ac ipsum. Proin tincidunt mattis nisi a scelerisque. Aliquam placerat dapibus eros non ullamcorper. Integer interdum ullamcorper venenatis. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Famous Asian Love Stories

1: Laila Majnu

Qays ibn al-Mulawwah was a young boy when he fell deeply in love with Layla Al-Aamiriya. It is said that Laila and Majnu were in affectionate love with each other, but Laila’s parents were not in support of this relationship. Because of this reason both ran away and settled in Binjor (India). They died, after a short time but their love remains alive even today. The Tomb of their love still exists in a small village called Binjor, which is located in Rajasthan near Sri Ganganagar, two kilometers from the border of Pakistan.

2: Shreen Farhaad

Shreen and farhaad also known as Khosrow and Shirin. The ware belongs to Persian tribe in balochistan. Famous poet Nizami Ganjavi wrote this famous love story of heartbreaking romance Shreen and Farhad. Khosrow, before proposing marriage to Shirin, tries to have relationship with a woman named Shekar in Isfahan.

3: Heer Ranjha

Heer is the beautiful daughter of a wealthy jatt family in jhang. Ranjha, the youngest and favorite son of his father. He leads a life of simplicity & playing the flute (‘Wanjhli’/’Bansuri’). Heer is engaged to marry another man, but heer is also love with ranjha. Heers uncle poisons her food in a wedding day. Until ranjha had came to help she already eaten the poisonous sweets and died. Ranjha takes the poisonous sweet too by which heer has died. Heer and Ranjha are one of the awful historical loves story. They are buried in a Punjab town in Pakistan called jhang.

4: Shahjahan Mumtaaz Mehal

In 1612, a teenage girl, Arjumand Banu, married 15-year-old ShahJahan, ruler of the Mughal Empire. Renamed Mumtaz Mahal, she became his first wife & born Shah Jahan’s 14 children. After Mumtaz died in 1629, the grieving emperor resolved to create fitting monument.

5: Sassui Punnun

Sassui is the daughter of the king of Bhambore, when she was born, astrologers predicted that she will be a curse for the noble family. The queen orders the child to be put in a wooden box and thrown in the Indus River. A washerman of the Bhambour village finds the wooden box and adopts the child. Punun is the son of King Mir Hoth khan, Khan of Kicham (Kech). Sassui and Punnun fall in love at first sight.

6: Sohni Mahiwal

Sohni Mahiwal

Sohni Mahiwal also known as Suhni mehar. Sohni Mahiwal ware belong to Punjab, the beautiful girl Sohni was born to a potter named Tulla (Toolha). They were from the Kumhar caste, and lived in Gujrat, Pakistan. At the time, Gujrat on the Chenab River. Bodies of Sohni and Mahiwal were recovered from the River Indus near Shahdadpur, Sindh, some 75 km far from Hyderabad, Pakistan. Sohni's tomb is located at Shahpur Chakar Road, Shahdadpur.

7: Noori Jam Tamachi

Noori Jam Tamachi

Noori jam tamachi ware belongs to sindh Pakistan. Jam Tamachi was a Samma prince, a ruler of Sindh. A girl of this class Noori by name happened to attract the attention of Jam Tamachi, who madly fell in love with her, and raised her above the ladies of royal blood. She was also called Gandri, her caste name. Tombs of noori jam tamachi located in thatta sindh Pakistan.

8: Momal Rano

Momal Rano

Mumal was a gorgeous princess and living in a glamorous palace named Mirpur Mathelo (it was previously named as kak mehal) in Ghotki Pakistan. The story begins with the description of the charms, clothes and perfume adorning Mumal or Momal and her seven sisters and an attendant as they weave a web of magic in the Kak palace to attract rich suitors for the hand of Mumal, deprive them of their wealth and also finish them off in a maze of labyrinths, fake ponds and other illusions of the palace.

9: Mirza Sahiban

Mirza Sahiban

Mirza Sahiban ware belongs to Punjab. Sahiban was the daughter of Mahni Khan, the chief of Kheewa. Mirza is the son of Wanjhal Khan, a land baron of the Kharal Rajput tribe, a town in the Jaranwala area of what is now Faisalabad, Pakistan. Mirza is sent to his relatives' house in Khivan to study, where he meets Sahiban and they fall in love. When, later in life, Sahiban is to be wedded to Taha Khan of the Chander family by arrangement of her parents, she sends a message to Mirza, living in the village of Danabad, through a Brahmin called Karmu.

10: Umar marvi

Umar marvi

Umar Marvi is a famous Asian love store .Umar and Marvi belongs to Sindh Pakistan Umar(Syed Hussain Ali Shah Fazlani), king of Umarkot, is looking for a bridebut finds none to his liking. . Phog (Noor Muhammad Charlie) mentions the unmatchable beauty of Marvi (Nigat Sultana), a village girl from Malir whom he loves but who is engaged to a fellow villager.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

10 Strangest places on Google Earth

Google Earth was originally called Earth Viewer 3D, it is a global geographic map and information program that photography takes from satellite images, mid-air photography and geographic information system (GIS) 3D globe. Google inc. released Google Earth in 2005.

These All pictures taken from Google Earth/Map. This blog is all about amazing places & how it looks when we see from the sky.

1: Airplane Boneyard-Tucson, Arizona

2: Mysterious Desert Pattern-Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

3: Buffalo Herd-Kigosi Game Reserve, Tanzania

4: Giant Triangle - Wittmann, Arizona, USA

5: Shipwrecked SS Ayrfield with Trees-Homebush Bay, Sydney, Australia

6: Firefox Logo-Dayton, Oregon, USA

7: Guitar-Shaped Forest-Cordoba, Argentina

8: World’s Biggest Pool-Algarrobo, Valparaíso, Chile

9: Big Friendly Giant-Huara, Tarapacá, Chile

10: More Mysterious Desert Patterns-China

Sunday, April 13, 2014

10 Biggest Birds In The World

1: Ostrich


Average Total Length:  210 cm / 6.9 ft

Average Mass:              104 kg / 230lb

Maximum Mass:          156 kg / 346 lb

Flightless ostrich is the largest bird in the world. It can run at the speed of 70 km / h (43mph), making it the fastest land runner amoung any bird. Ostriches live in small herds that typically contain less than a dozen birds. Ostriches usually eat plants, roots and seeds, but also eat insects, lizards, or other creatures available in their envoirnment sometimes harsh habits.

2: Southern Cassowary

Southern Cassowary

Average Total Length:  176 cm / 5.8ft

Average Mass:             45 kg / 99lb

Maximum Mass:         85 kg / 190 lb

Southern Cassowary is also called as double braided Cassowary, Two-wattled Cassowary or Australia. This flightless bird is associated with EMU, Ostrich and Rhea. It is located in the tropical forests of Indonesia, New Guinea and North Eastern Australia. Southern Cassowaries are endangered due to loss of rainforest habitat and hunting.

3: EMU


Average Total Length:  164 cm / 5.4 ft

Average Mass:              33 kg / 73lb

Maximum Mass:          70 kg / 150 lb

EMU is the largest bird in Australia. EMU have long, thin neck down. Emus can travel great distances at a fast, economical trot and, if necessary, can sprint at 50 km / h 31 mph. They eat large quantities of caterpillars, grasshoppers and burrs tangled masses of sheep wool, which makes them useful for farmers.

4: Dalmatian Pelican

Dalmatian Pelican

Average Total Length:  152 cm / 5ft

Average Mass:             11.5 kg / 25lb

Maximum Mass:         15kg / 33lb

Dalmatian Pelican is arguably one of the most beautiful and charismatic nesting birds in Europe. Nevertheless, it is extremely vulnerable to its full geographical distribution. This major five-year project to actively preserve the main breeding population of Dalmatian pelicans in the Romanian Danube Delta, as well as increases the overall protection of species, aiming to improve their condition when breeding, staging and wintering.

5: Greater Rhea

Greater Rhea

Average Total Length:  134 cm / 4.4 ft

Average Mass:              23 kg / 51lb

Maximum Mass:          40 kg / 88 lb

Greater Rhea is also known as the Grey with such names Rhea, Rhea Common, American Rhea, This flightless bird is in the eastern South American country in the country such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. It has powerful legs, each of which ends in three fingers. Rhea can not fly and rely on their legs to outrun predators.

6: Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin

Average Total Length:  114 cm / 3.7 ft

Average Mass:              31.5 kg / 69lb

Maximum Mass:          46 kg / 100 lb

Emperor Penguin is the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species and is native to Antarctica. It kept in captivity in only two places in the world. Penguins use of physiological adaptations and cooperative behavior in order to cope with the incredibly harsh conditions, where wind chills can reach -76 ° (-60 ° C) F.

7: Dwarf Cassowary

Dwarf Cassowary

Average Total Length:  105 cm / 3.4ft

Average Mass:             19.7 kg / 43lb

Maximum Mass:         43 kg / 75lb

Dwarf Cassowary also known names such as Bennett's Cassowary (after Australia naturalist George Bennett, who first studied them), Little Cassowary, Mountain Cassowary or Mooruk, is the smallest of the three known species of cassowary, but still a large bird. It is located in the forests of New Guinea, New Britain and Yapen Island.

8: Lesser Rhea

Lesser Rhea

Average Total Length:  96 cm / 3.2ft

Average Mass:             19.6 kg / 43lb

Maximum Mass:         28.6kg / 3lb

Lesser Rrhea is the smaller rhea, belonging to the group of flightless birds known as ratites, which lack the keel of the sternum in which flight muscles attach in flying birds. Nevertheless, rheas not believed to be closely related to other members of the group, an ostrich, emu, cassowary and kiwi.

9: King Penguin

King Penguin

Average Total Length:  92 cm / 3ft

Average Mass:             13.6kg / 44lb

Maximum Mass:         20kg / 44lb

King penguins are one of the "classical" types that people think about when they think about penguins. Along with Adélie and emperor penguins, they have come to represent the whole group. They are very honest, decent and beautiful birds and when they come out of the sea and the ancient brilliant there may not be clean or more elegant creature around.

10: Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Body Length:  30-40 inches (76-101 cm)

Wingspan:       6-1/2 to 7-1/2 feet (1.9-2.2 m)

Weight:            7-13 pounds (3-6 kg)

This powerful eagle is the largest bird of prey in North America and it is also the Mexico's national bird. These birds are dark brown, with lighter golden-brown plumage on their heads and necks. They are extremely fast and can be immersed in their careers at a speed of more than 150 miles (241 kilometers) per hour.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2014

1: Enlisted Military Personnel

Enlisted Military Personnel

Job Stress Score: 84.70

Average Salary:   $28,840

Enlisted military grade are non commission officers. Their jobs are highly responsible in sense of duties they spend their lives only for their countries. They are fighting in front of any battle in any aspects for the sake of their country survives only with no cares of their own lives.

2: Military General

Military General

Job Stress Score: 65.50

Average Salary:   $196,300

Army general is the most senior person in military and major part of its in government as well. He leads the military operations to command, dictate tactical strategy to success in combat and for the safety of his subordinates and its civilians.

3: Firefighter


Job Stress Score: 60.45

Average Salary:   $45,250

Fire fighter are fire rescue person who responsible to do one of the most dangerous job. Rescue to victims, first aid, burn treatment, fire investigation, fire prevention for saving the lives of civilians.

4: Airline Pilot

Airline Pilot

Job Stress Score: 60.28

Average Salary:   $106,000

The job responsibility of Airline pilot is most responsible job as we know pilot fly plane for airlines that transport people and cargo services. Pilot should be ensured all the information on the route, weather and plane condition, ensuring the fuel, all the safety stuff are working properly.

5: Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Job Stress Score: 49.93

Average Salary:   $45,810

Event coordinator responsible for planning the events for which he or she is coordinating. Ex: prepare presentation, visit venue to plan layout, edit and design promotional material and manage all the correspondence.

6: Public Relations Executive

Public Relations Executive

Job Stress Score: 48.92

Average Salary:   $54,170

Public relation officer used platform of media for building and sustain a good relationship among employees and organization, helps government bodies, businesses, planning publicity strategies, writing and producing presentation and press releases  

7: Corporate Executive (Senior)

Corporate Executive

Job Stress Score: 47.46

Average Salary:   $168,140

Sr. corporate executive originate the policies and lead the operations of private and publicly- held companies. 

8: Newspaper Reporter

Newspaper Reporter

Job Stress Score: 46.75

Average Salary:   $35,870

Interviewing and cover news on different affairs or events to peoples. Build contacts too related agencies or government departments to maintain flow of news. Working with team of technician, photographers and editor.  

9: Police officer

Police Officer

Job Stress Score: 46.66

Average Salary:   $55,270

Police officer provides protection against crime and criminals investigate criminal activities, gathering evidence, interviewing suspects, victims and witnesses to accomplish community safety and crime reduction.  

10: Taxi driver

Taxi Driver

Job Stress Score: 46.18

Average Salary:   $22,820

Taxi driver operate taxi on city roads, picking up and delivering passengers, Taking safest route load and unload the vehicle, calculating route distance and keeping his cab clean.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The 10 Most Profitable Software Companies in the World

Today’s technology industry are one of the most profitable business sector in world economy. Therefore, IT/Software companies are working with new strategies to keep up with the competition in business combat and adapt new technologies progressively.

Worldwide software revenue calculated about $403 Billion in 2013. Which is 5.0% increase compare with 2012. We are continuing this blog with Top 10 biggest tech companies those are holding global market by its earning.

Microsoft remain on TOP of the list with $77.85 Billion and Oracle moved up to 2nd place with $37.10 Billion in 2013. Following Chart listed below.

10: Amadeus IT Group

Revenue: $3.81 Billion
CEO: Luis Maroto
Headquarter: Madrid, Spain

09: Intuit

Revenue: $4.20 Billion
CEO: Brad D. Smith
Headquarter: Mountain View, California, USA

08: Fiserv

Revenue: $4.55 Billion
CEO: Jeffery W Yabuki
Headquarter: Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA

07: Adobe Systems

Revenue: $4.40 Billion
CEO: Shantanu Narayen
Headquarter: San Jose, California, USA

06: CA Technologies

Revenue: $4.64 Billion
CEO: Michael P. Gregoire
Headquarter: Islandia, New York, USA

05: VMware

Revenue: $5.20 Billion
CEO: Patrick P. Gelsinger
Headquarter: Palo Alto, California, USA

04: Symantec

Revenue: $6.80 Billion
CEO: Michael Brown
Headquarter: Mountain View, California, USA

03: SAP

Revenue: $20.9 Billion
CEO: Bill McDermott
Headquarter: Walldorf, Germany

02: Oracle

Revenue: $37.10 Billion
CEO: Larry Ellison
Headquarter: Redwood City, California, USA

01: Microsoft

Revenue: $77.85 Billion
CEO: Satya Nadella
Headquarter: Redmond, Washington, USA