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Curabitur et lectus vitae purus tincidunt laoreet sit amet ac ipsum. Proin tincidunt mattis nisi a scelerisque. Aliquam placerat dapibus eros non ullamcorper. Integer interdum ullamcorper venenatis. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

10 Nuclear Powers In The World

1: USA

Year: 1945

United States was the first nuclear power in the world, and it is the only country that has ever used nuclear bomb on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the World War 2 in 1945. United States having the large number of Nuclear Bombs, and it comes on the 2nd highest rank.

Albert Einstein, the famous German Physics, give an idea to purify the uranium to make a Nuclear Bomb. He invented the Nuclear Bomb with the help of several other scientists.

2: Russia

Year: 1949

Russia had started its nuclear program in 1942, and after a great effort it has tested the first Nuclear Bomb in 1949. Russia has tremendously increased the number of Nuclear Weapons. Right now Russia has the largest number of Nuclear Weapons in the world. It has also built a floating Nuclear Power Station in 2010, which is the first Floating Nuclear Reactor in the world.

3: UK

Year: 1952

United Kingdom begins its program in 1940, and it becomes the third country to have Nuclear Power. UK is also in the list of those countries who have signed Non Proliferation Treaty. United Kingdom was the first country to start a nuclear power reactor for commercial use.

4: France

Year: 1960

France is the biggest Civil Nuclear Power producer in the world. Nuclear Power is the main source of its power generation, and it covers 80% of its electricity needs from Nuclear Power. France has started its nuclear program in 1957 and has established it first Nuclear Power Plant in 1962. Currently France is one of the largest electricity exporters in the world.

5: China

Year: 1964

China is the fifth Nuclear Power in the world. After the Taiwan Strait Crisis, China begins a Nuclear Weapons Program in 1955. China is also in the list of the Non Proliferation Treaty. Since 1964, China has maintained its Nuclear Doctrine of No First Use.

6: Israel

Year: 1967

Israel has started its Nuclear Program in 1950s, and it is the 6th biggest Nuclear Power in the world. Israel is in the list of those countries who have not yet signed Non Proliferation Treaty. Israel continued its policy of Strategic Ambiguity, which is known as the Nuclear Opacity. Israel has not publically confirmed nor denies having Nuclear Weapons.

7: India

Year: 1974

India is the third nuclear power in Asia. In 1967, India has started its nuclear program. India is one of those countries that have not signed the NPT. India has maintained of No First Use Policy. It has declared a Nuclear Doctrine of  “Credible Minimum Deterrence”.

8: Pakistan

Year: 1998

Pakistan is the first Muslim country that has Nuclear Power. In 1972, Pakistan begins its Nuclear Program and established in 1978, but because of enormous international pressure, it stay undeclared until 1998. Pakistan is also in the list of those countries who are not the signatory of Non Proliferation Treaty, but is a member of International Atomic Energy Agency.

9: North Korea

Year: 2006

North Korea, officially known as the Democratic Republic of Korea has started its Nuclear Program in 1957. It is the 5th Asian Country who has Nuclear Power. North Korea is not a member of Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, and has not signed the NPT.

10: Iran

Iran has started its Nuclear Program for commercial use in 1950s but, after the Iranian revolution in 1979, it was closed. In September 2011, Iran has established its first Nuclear Power Plant. Iran is the 10th Nuclear Capable Country.

Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Species of whales

10: Minke Whale

Minke whales are the second smallest baleen whale species and it pronounced Minky. It is measured an average 9.7-10.6 meters (32-35 feet) and its weigh estimated around 15 tones. These species have low range to live their life their age maximum is about 30-50 years. Minke whales are fast in swimming over 24 Mph.

Length:        35 Feet / 10.7 Meters

Weight:        15 Tones (Maximum)

Speed:          24 Mph (38 Km / h)

Population:   500 K (Approximate)

9: Gray Whale

Gray whale is a baleen whale and their name called by whalers a Devil fish. Its length reaches about 13.8-15.2 meters, and females are larger than males. They are grey in color with some small white spot on their skin. It can swim 10-11 mph (16-17.5 km/h). Gray whale calculated population between 20,000 to 22,000.

Length:         50 Feet / 15.2 Meters

Weight:         36 Tones (Maximum)

Speed:          11 Mph (17.5 Km / h)

Population:   20 to 22 K (Approximate)

8: Bryde’s Whale

Bryde’s whales are the 8th biggest animal exists in this world although bryde’s whale is a baleen whale. It is very similar in looks to sei whales and almost as big. Its body appearance dark gray with white. Bryde’s whale swimming speed as fast as 20 to 25 Km / h.

Length:         55 Feet / 16.5 Meters

Weight:         40.09 Tones (Maximum)

Speed:          15.53 Mph (25 Km / h)

Population:   90 to100 K (Approximate)

7: Humpback Whale

Humpback is a baleen whale and that whales sing the most complex song and are the noisiest whales. They have the longest flippers of any baleen whale. Humpback grow to be about 12-16 meters But in few cases it can be growth (18 meters / 59 feet) and their weigh around 25-35 tones and it max up to 48 tones.

Length:         59 Feet / 18 Meters

Weight:         48 Tones (Maximum)

Speed:          16.5 Mph (26.5 Km / h)

Population:   30 to 40 K (Approximate) 

6: Sperm Whale

Sperm whale is the largest toothed whales. It is also called Common cachalot. Sperm whale has a huge brain in among all of the animals that weigh about 20 pounds (9 kg). And it has much weigh up to 63 tones. It is estimated that there are about more than 200,000 lac sperm whales worldwide and maximum figure up to 2 million.     

Length:         60 Feet / 18.3 Meters

Weight:         63 Tones (Maximum)

Speed:          9 Mph (14.48 Km / h)

Population:   200,000 to 2 Million (Approximate)

5: Right Whale

Right whale is also including in baleen whales species. Right whale consists of three types, North Atlantic, North Pacific, Southern right whale they are similar with each other. Right whale can maximum grow up to (18.3 meters, 60feet) long and weigh up to 100 tones.

Length:         60 Feet / 18.3 Meters

Weight:         100 Tones (Maximum)

Speed:          10 Mph (16.09 Km / h)

Population:   350 to 400 (Approximate)

4: Sei Whale

Sei whale is a baleen whale and it is dark gray in color, it is also known as Japan finner. It is the fourth largest animal after the blue whale and the fin whale. It can be swim so fast when it needs at about 31 mph. The females are slightly larger than males this is same with all baleen whales and weighing up to 33 tones.

Length:         66 Feet / 20 Meters

Weight:         33 Tones (Maximum)

Speed:          31 Mph (50 Km / h)

Population:   57 to 80 K (Approximate)

3: Bowhead Whale

Bowhead whale is third largest animal in the world and it is also called Arctic whale and their looks different from others with its dark body color with white chin. Now it is third largest mammal in the list of largest animal in the world. Perhaps its average length between 50 – 66 feet. 

Length:         70 Feet / 21.2 Meters

Weight:         100 Tones (Maximum)

Speed:          12 Mph (19.5 Km / h)

Population:   8-9.2 K (Approximate)

2: Fin Whale

Fin whale is the second largest animal in the world. It is a sea mammal and belongs to the baleen whales suborder and it is also known as finback whale. After the blue whale fin whale is the 2nd largest living organism growing up to (89 feet / 27 meters).

Length:         89 Feet / 27 Meters

Weight:         130 Tones (Maximum)

Speed:          30 Mph (48 Km / h)  

Population:   80 to 100 K (Approximate)

1: Blue Whale

The Blue whale is the largest mammal it belongs to the family of baleen whales and it is also known as the pygmy blue whale. It is the largest animal in the world ever existed. Mostly large whales are found in the Antarctic. But similarly we found different sizes of blue whales alive in the sea, The most interesting part is that blue whale are the loudest animal on earth their level of sound reaches up to 188 decibels.

Length:         110 Feet / 33.5 Meters

Weight:         180 Tons (Maximum)

Speed:           31 Mph (50 Km / h)

Population:   10 to 25 K (Approximate)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

10 Highest Paying Jobs In the World

10: Airline Pilots

Income:    $106,000

Airline Pilot is one of the most sophisticated professions in the world. Pilots are a major part of Air Transport. The Pilots, who work for Airline called Airline Pilots. Airline Pilots salary range is very high throughout the world, and those Pilots who have more than 10 years of experience have an annual earning more than $200,000. Airline Pilots have attractive retirement packages higher than any other profession.

9: Marketing Managers

Income:    $115,000

Marketing play an important rule for any business promotion. It is the process of selling the goods or services to the customers. Marketing Managers comes up with great market research and plan their strategies to link with the customers and generate business leads. Their job is to satisfy the customers and convince them for buy their products or services. They play a key role in the business world. Marketing Managers lead their team, and they are responsible for the business development.

8: IT Managers

Income:    $120,000

IT is the short form of “Information Technology”. It is Computer and Telecommunication based technology for storing and utilizing the information by using Software’s and Applications. IT Managers handle the entire system, which includes hardware, software and network. IT Managers analyze the problem and provide the best possible solution. They must have enough knowledge and good experience to handle any type of situation.

7: Natural Sciences Managers

Income:    $129,000

Natural Science is the Biological and Physical Science that covers the Natural World. Natural Sciences Managers supervise the work of Natural Scientists. They tend to follow their team at their Research Center or Laboratory. Natural Sciences are an interesting area of science, and it used in a broad area of life and the environment. Natural Sciences Managers are highly qualified and earn too much in Science field.

6: Petroleum Engineers

Income:    $148,000

Petroleum Engineering is a substantial industry that includes the exploration and production of Oil and Gas from its reserves below the surface of ground. Petroleum Engineers develop their research plan for find new Oil and Gas fields, and mining for extract Oil and Gas from their deposits. From its starts Petroleum Engineering is a high paid job.

5: Lawyers

Income:    $150,000

Lawyer is a person who is practicing the law. They are officially called Advocates. Lawyers provide legal guidance and legal protection for any person or firm against their legal issues and disputes in accordance with the law. Lawyer is the most responsible and respectful profession in the world, which requires extraordinary intelligence and special debating and negotiation skills.

4: Psychiatrists

Income:    $159,500

Psychiatrists or Physiologists are the physicians who specialize in human psychiatry. Psychiatrists offer Mental Health treatment and try to resolve the human stress and mental illness. They ask from their patient about their life, and after accessing their mental condition they provide the physic solution and help them back into the normal life. Psychiatrists are well trained Doctors and they earn too much in the Medical field.

3: Dentists

Income:    $175,000

Dentists are the specialist of Oral Health Care. They treat patient teeth’s and jaws problems. Dentists diagnose the dental diseases and provide the full treatment to the patient. Destistry is a large field in Dental Health which includes, General Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist and Ortho Dentist. It is the high paid profession in Medical field which involve huge practice.

2: Chief Executive Officers

Income:    $180,000

Chief Executive Officer also called CEO of the company. They are the highest ranking officers or administrators of the organization and have huge authorities. CEO is the most senior officer of any business and responsible for the entire operations and day to day performance. They develop the strategies and plans for company’s rapid growth. Every firm needs Chief Executive Officer to manage their growth and to handle their entire team.

1: Surgeons

Income:    $210,000

Surgeon comes from the Greek word “Cheirourgia” which means “Hand Word”. Surgeons are the specialist in surgery and operation. They diagnose and treat the patient’s injury or illness. Their treatment includes, cutting of the body and removal of the malformation or repair the effected body part. Surgeons earn higher than any other occupation, because it deals with human life, which requires high qualification, continues practice and knowledge of the patient medical history.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

10 Fastest Supercomputers In The World


DARPA "Defense Advanced Research Project Agency" is an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, are involved in making new technologies for the Military. DARPA Trial subset appears as fastest Computer in the world in 2012 by their Performance speed and manufactured by IBM at the IBM Research Laboratory Engineering Development.

Speed:                            1.515 Petaflops
Country:                         United States
Operating System:         Linux
Manufacturer:                Ibm
Processor:                       Power7 8c 3.836 GHz
Cores:                             63360


The supercomputer built by IBM and architect FERMI design of Blue Gene / Q at CINECA in 2012. Fermi has made for the used Computational Science para Massively Mass Calculation.And Ranked 9th fastest computer in the world in 2013 with the speed 1.725 PFLOP/s.

Speed:                            1.725 Petaflops
Country:                          Italy
Operating System:         Linux
Manufacturer:                Ibm   
Processor:                       Power Bqc 16c 1.60 GHz
Cores:                             163840


TIANHE is ranked 8th fastest Computer Technology in the World. TIANHE Means “Milky Way Number One”. It is made & designed by NUDT at National supercomputing center in Tianjin.This TIANHE fast Computer Run on Linux Operating System for making it secure and fast.

Speed:                            2.566 Petaflops
Country:                         China
Operating System:         Linux
Manufacturer:                Nudt 
Processor:                      Xeon X5670 6c 2.93 GHz
Cores:                            186368


STAMPEDE is manufactured in Texas Advanced computing Center Located in University of Texas at Austin. This Super computer owned by TACC and architect by iData Plex with the best 07th placed in the list of fast computer. Support Linux Operating Software with Rmax speed 2.660 PFLOP/s.

Speed:                             2.660 Petaflops
Country:                          United States of America
Operating System:         Linux
Manufacturer:                Dell   
Processor:                       Xeon E5-2680 8c 2.700 GHz
Cores:                             204900

6. SuperMUC

The Leibniz-Rechenzentrum in Germany Research Center built supercomputer called SuperMUC. It architect by iDataPlex, and delivering outstanding compute power and system integration of high performance computing. SuperMUC have his wonderful speed to 2.89 petaflop /s and its standing on 06th place on top of the world fastest computer invention.

Speed:                            2.897 Petaflops
Country:                         Germany
Operating System:         Linux
Manufacturer:                Ibm   
Processor:                      Xeon E5-2680 8c 2.70 GHz
Cores:                            147456


The JUQUEEN a big designed of computer structure, Architect by Blue Gene/Q.  This Computer Device made used for computational science, engineering, climatology, physics and material science. This Super computer ranked on 05th Top of the list, Fast and its huge storage memory 393216 GB upgraded and is the fastest computer in Europe.

Speed:                            4.141 Petaflops
Country:                         Germany
Operating system:         Linux
Manufacturer:               Ibm   
Processor:                      Power Bqc 16c 1.600 GHz
Cores:                            393216


Mira was fabricated by IBM at Argonne National Laboratory. With support from the Department of Energy of the United States. This computer designed to research on scientific research, climatology, computational physics and including material science. This system support OS Linux and it’s amazing power 3945.00 kW and speed 8.162 PETAFLOPS made this 04th fastest machine.

Speed:                            8.162 Petaflops
Country:                         United States of America
Operating system:         Linux
Manufacturer:               Ibm   
Processor:                      Power Bqc 16c 1.60 GHz
Cores:                            786432


This super computer K computer manufactured and designed by Fujitsu and Riken simultaneously, and it is located in Riken Advanced Institute of Computational Science in Japan. It has a huge memory 1410048 GB with fastest processor and its help into research purpose including climates research, disaster prevention and medical research. 

Speed:                            10.510 Petaflops
Country:                         Japan        
Operating system:         Linux
Manufacturer:               Fujitsu        
Processor:                      Sparc64 Viii FX 2.0 GHz
Cores:                            705024


The Sequoia supercomputer manufactured by IBM and architect by Blue Gene/Q for the National Nuclear Security. Used to play an important role for nuclear weapon simulation, scientific research, astronomy, climate change, Human genome. Sequoia High configuration made it’s ​​worthwhile to use and puts itself in the world's fastest supercomputer. It costs around $ 250 million.

Speed:                            16.325 Petaflops
Country:                         United States of America 
Operating system:         Linux
Manufacturer:               Ibm   
Processor:                      Power Bqc 16c 1.60 Ghz
Cores:                            1572864


Titan is the fastest supercomputer computer ever in the world. It is made up by Cray Inc. at Ridge National Laboratory for the purpose of scientific project. Titan is upgraded version of Jaguar. It is launched in 2012 Oct, with cost 97 million $.

Speed:                           17.590 Petaflops
Country:                        United States of America 
Operating system:        Cray Linux
Manufacturer:              Cray  
Processor:                     Opteron 6274 16c 2.200 ghz+ nvidia k20x
Cores:                            560640