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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Top 10 Newspapers In United States By Circulation

This topic is based on by its average weekday circulation. The figure is included with digital edition such as using on websites or tablets.

10: Chicago Tribune

Circulation: 4.14 lac

The Chicago Tribune is a foremost daily published and reading newspaper based in Chicago. Hold by biggest giant “The Tribune Company”. James Kelly Founded in 1847, it is located in Chicago at tribune tower. They are providing both format tabloid and broadsheet as their user required. That is the 10th most circulated newspaper among all others because of their working strategies and customer satisfaction.

9: The Denver Post

Circulation: 4.16 lac

The Denver Post is also a daily newspaper circulated in all week days in Denver Colorado. Digital first Media are working since 1892 and one of the recorded largest circulation states newspapers stands on 9th position and still growing. Their weekend’s circulation calculated by an audited company is approx 626,800.

8: Chicago Sun-Times

Circulation: 4.70 lac

The Chicago Sun-Times is a daily newspaper circulated in Chicago city. Chicago is of the most populated city in United States and that is the big part to hold any marketplace and they took payback from it and making their position 8th largest distributor in media agencies. It was founded in 1948 and headquarter located in New Orleans Chicago.

7: The Washington Post

Circulation: 4.74 lac

American daily Newspaper “The Washington Post” is moreover widely reaches newspaper to Washington D.C people. It is Holding by Nash Holdings LLC corporation and working since 1877 which makes the oldest distributor. Located in center city of United States in Washington D.C. the broadsheet format offered in English language only and projected 750 journalists are working over it.

6: New York Post

Circulation: 5.50 lac

The New York Post is an American newspaper issues on daily basis, largely distributed in New York City and their surrounded areas. Established in 1801 this newspaper is listed in 13th oldest and 6th most widely circulated in United States. They are working since 18th century and in 1993 one of American media agency News Corporation has been owned yet. Located in major business region at Midtown, New York City.

5: Daily News

Circulation: 6.00 lac

American based newspaper the “Daily News” a big name in U.S market targeted states/city New York. It was founded in last century 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson and by their great effort now it took placed fifth largest circulated newspaper with a very highly net worth. Since they are working they had a headquarter in New York City and it is available in selling in Tabloid format.

4: Los Angeles Times

Circulation: 6.53 lac per/day

The Los Angeles Times is a week day’s newspaper and it’s mostly covered in metropolitan areas isn’t it only covered metropolitan areas but it is fourth largest distributed newspaper in United States of America since 1881. It is publishing in under famous publisher “Eddy Hartenstein” & few years ago owned by the well known name “Tribune Company”.

3: USA Today

Circulation: 1.81 Million Per/day

USA Today is a newspaper issues on daily basis & publishes by Gannett Company. It is one of the widest circulated newspapers in American states. It was founded in 15th Sep 1982 by American businessman “Al Neuhart”. USA Today is circulated in all fifty states of America and its circulations calculated by some source around 1.8 Million. It is only available in US $2 at any nearest store.

2: The New York Times

Circulation: 1.86 Million Per/day

The most circulating daily newspaper in New York City is “The New York Times”. And it is continuously publishing in Nationwide since Sep 18, 1851 and owned by The New York Times Company”. With the same format “Broadsheet” as other does.
The New York Times has won many awards by their efforts since its starting. They are working with digital editions to be issuing and their website is one of the most popular electronic newspaper sites. NYT is maintaining its global ranking 120th with 30+ million visitors about per month.

1: The Wall Street Journal

Circulation: 2.40 Million Per/day

The most popular newspaper “The Wall Street Journal”. It is written in American English Language and circulates with its enormous quantity on daily basis in broadsheet format. This Newspaper agency owned by “Dow Jones & Company” & working since Jul, 1889. Wall Street newspaper published all the 06 days in a week except Sunday.
The Wall Street Journal prominence especially business views, economics news and financial issues. This is the most readable topic now days in developing age. It has the highest ranked in numbers of circulation per day.


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