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Sunday, March 30, 2014

10 Highest Paying Tech Companies

10: Oracle


Average Salary:  $106,104

Oracle is an American multinational computer technology Corporation. More than 125,000 employees are working in Oracle Corporation. Oracle develops and sells computer hardware systems and enterprise software products, it has it’s own brands of database management systems. Oracle is the second largest software developer by revenue after Microsoft. Consulting Members of Technical Staff are the highest paid employees in Oracle.

9: IBM


Average Salary:  $107,242

International Business Machine Corporation (IBM), American technology and consulting corporation. Total employees who work at IBM are more than 430,000. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting service in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. Research Staff Members are the highest paying employees in IBM.

8: SAP


Average Salary:  $108,932

SAP is a German multinational Corporation. More than 65,000 employees are working in the SAP Corporation. SAP is the world’s leading enterprise software and software related services provider. It is one of the world’s largest business software companies in the world and the third biggest independent software vendor in term of revenue. Senior Directors are the highest paid employees in SAP Corporation.

7: Adobe


Average Salary:  $109,241

Adobe System Incorporated is an American multinational computer software company. Total numbers of employees who work at Adobe System are more than 11,200. Adobe launched many software based products, such as (Desktop software, Server Software, PDF, SWF, FLV, AEM, AMO and Web Design Programs). Senior Computer Scientists are the highest paying employees in Adobe System Incorporation.

6: Intuit


Average Salary:  $110,575

Intuit Incorporation is an American software company. More than 8,200 employees are currently working at Intuit Incorporation. Intuit develops finance and tax preparation software’s and related services for small business, it makes the personal finance programs Quicken and Turbo Tax, as well as the small business accounting program Quick Books. Senior Product Managers are the highest paid employees in Intuit Incorporation.

5: Zynga


Average Salary:  $111,004

Zynga is an American company which provides social gaming services. Total numbers of employees working in Zynga are more than 2,000. Zynga develops games that run on mobile, social networking sites and on its own website. Farm Ville, Words with Friends and Draw Something are well known games develop by Zynga. Studio General Managers are the highest paying employees in Zynga.

4: Twitter


Average Salary:  $116,324

Twitter Incorporation is an online social networking site based in the United States. More than 2,700 employees are working in Twitter Incorporation. This site allows users to send and read short messages and image, unregistered user can only view them. Twitter is the 11th most visiting site in the world and is widely used for social communication. Systems Software Engineers are the highest paid employees in Twitter Incorporation.

3: Guidewire


Average Salary:  $117,515

Guidewire Software Incorporation is an American company. Total numbers of employees who work at Guidewire are more than 5,000. It provides end to end set of applications that support insurance operations and core back-end software for property and casually insurance carriers in the U.S and worldwide. Senior Integration Architects are the highest paying employees in Guidewire Software Incorporation.

2: Yahoo


Average Salary:  $118,290

Yahoo Inc is an American multinational Internet corporation. More than 12,000 employees are working in Yahoo Incorporation. It is the fourth most visiting site in the world. Yahoo is globally known for its Search Engine, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo News, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Directory and Web Portals. Product Management Directors are the highest paid employees in Yahoo Incorporation.

1: Cisco


Average Salary:  $122,314

Cisco System is an American multinational Corporation. Total numbers of employees who are working in Cisco System Incorporation are more than 75,000. Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking technologies, it create, design and market networking equipments. Enior Directors are the highest paying employees in Cisco System Incorporation.


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