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Friday, July 26, 2013

Why People Lie, 10 Reasons

Over 60 percent people lie at least once during its conversation

10: Addition


Some people are simply addicted to lying, they are not comfortable in revealing the truth about themselves or some aspect of their life. These people might not know about the lie, because he or she has always believed that it is true. People in this category often qualify for a Mental Health Disorder.

9: Compulsion


Those people who seems to feel compelled to lie about both the small and large stuff has a problem. We often call these persons pathological liars. They lie to protect themselves, look good, gain financially or socially and avoid penalties. They feel a compulsion to tell lies and can lie without any apparent benefit at all.

8: Face Saving


Far more troubling group is those who lie a lot and deliberately for personal gain. This type of people often lies for face saving. These people may have a diagnosis called antisocial personality disorder, also known as a sociopath. Lying often gets worse with the passage of time. When they get away with a lie it often impels them to continue their deceptions.

7: Avoid Criticism


There are many people who lie to avoid criticism from others. They lie out in the enforcement or because they want to present themselves as someone they are not. People feel that their self esteem is endangered, they immediately begin to lie at higher levels.

6: Control Situation


In some cases, a lie is said to ensure the well-being of a person. In many situations, one does not have the time to explain the whole situation to a person and convince him or her, that what is being done is right. In many cases, a lie can help to control a particular situation from aggravation. They lie to deal with the situation that may be scattered because of the stupidity of second person.

5: Financial Gain


Many people lie for making quick financial gains. If a person is under time pressure and the decision to lie could go to get a financial reward. They do promises of quick and easy financial deliverance and for gaining the trust they mislead them with ultimate happiness.

4: Avoid Misconception


Sometimes, people lie because of the misconception, which the bitter truth is not accepted without some sugar coating, and that a little embellishing of facts will not hurt anyone. They often lie in the dramatic way, and use the philosophies and interesting examples to make others believe them. This type of lie is known as a White Lie.

3: Fear Phobia Of Reality


People are sometimes anxious about revealing certain facts related to their past, or about themselves, which they feel would lead to their partner leaving the relationship. A person may hide their activities or expenditure in order to avoid incurring the wrath of his or her partner.

2: Social Management


Many lies are simply done in order to maintain social contacts. Such lies are spoken to avoid consequences and conflict as well as to protect themselves from harm, punishment, rejection, dislikes or loss. Lies, which can increase the influence and reputation in the community have uttered by such people. These people are likely to admire others without any reason, and praise them that they are too intelligent or beautiful or have many qualities.

1: Common Lie


The most common lies people tell founded hide their money or their position and some time their feelings. Some people are afraid to help others so they don’t want to disclose their wealth or their work. Some time people are faced with a bad time, but they always say that they are right, because they don’t want to take any care they think that in this case they may lose their self esteem.



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