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Friday, July 19, 2013

10 Brain Damaging Habits

10: No Breakfast

No Breakfast

Skipping breakfast in order to lose weight or save time is totally wrong and directly affects our brain. Those who don’t take breakfast or take unhealthy breakfast having lower blood sugar level and sometime it may cause overweight.

9: Overeating


Overeating is not good all the time, infact it is dangerous for the body. Overeating increased fat intake, which result hardening of Arteries of the Brain. When the Arteries of the Brain become more and more hard, it decreases the mental power.

8: Smoking


Smoking is a slow poison for body as well as brain. It damages our memory, judgment, learning and thinking powers. Smoking can also cause Dementia and Alzheimer disease.

7: High Sugar Consumption

High Sugar Consumption

High intake of sugar interrupts the proper absorption of protein and nutrients. This also reduces the production of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor). Without BDNF brain can not learn new information.

6: Insufficient Sleep

Insufficient Sleep

Less sleep increase the death of our brain cells. Sleep allows our brain to rest, while sleeping our brain start retrieving the information. Lack of sleep or less sleep, stop our brain development.

5: Sleeping with Head Covered

Sleeping with Head Covered

Sleeping with the head covered may lead to Dementia. With covered head we have no air space to take Oxygen, so we begin to breathe Carbon Dioxide. This may increase the blood pressure inside the skull, and the occurrence of Hypoxia, which may lead to the Alzheimer’s disease.

4: Working During Illness

Working During Illness

Our brain is a sensitive part of our body, working or using our brain while illness damages our brain power. When we are sick, our brain become weaker and our activities give him stress. It affects on our memory, and efficiency of our brain is begins to decline.

3: Drinking Less Water

Drinking Less Water

Water is the main source of our energy, 70 percent of the body depend upon water. Water is essential for brain production and neurotransmitters. Our brain cells need two times more energy than other cells. Water and brain functions are integrally linked, but our brain does not have any space to store it. Drinking less water may cause of Dehydration and affect the brain functions. This can lead to anger, stress, exhaustion, depression and lack of mental clarity.

2: Alcohol


Drinking too much alcohol damage the brain cells and also prevents our brain cells to communicate with one another. High consumption of alcohol also stops the growth of new brain cells and reduces the chances of fixing the problem. This may develop the confusion, memory problem, coordination problem, eye problem and some time it may lead to coma or death.

1: Talking Rarely

Talking Rarely

Speaking rarely affect the brain performance. We do not have new ideas and stop learning things when we stop talking. This can lead to stress and depression. It is necessary to communicate with others to increase the efficiency of our brain.



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