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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

10 Young, Famous & Rich Celebrities

10: Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin is Hungarian fashion model. Palvin was born in Budapest, Hungary on October 8th 1993. Her modeling career started in 2006, she was discovered on the streets of Budapest at the age of 13th.She shot her first editorial in the same year for super magazine. Palvin success in modeling due to her beautiful and charming face. She was ranked 40th on the Top 50 Women Models. And in 2012, she became an ambassador of L’Oreal Paris.

Country:         Hungary
Occupation:    Model
Net worth:      $1 Million

9: Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson was born Nov 22, 1984 in New York. She is an American actress, model. Scarlett has passion for acting from her childhood and starred many plays. She began her acting in 1994 as “Laura Nelson” in North. Later she was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for her performance in Manny & Lo in 1996. From her beginning she was prominence with her role and later she act different roles in films and won a BAFTA award for best Actress in a Leading Role in 2003. Now she become more popular with a comic role Black Widow in movie Iron man 2 (2010) and Avengers (2012).

Country:         United States
Occupation:    Actress, Model
Net worth:      $55 Million

8: Emma Watson

Emma Watson is an English actress and model was born April 15, 1990 in France. She began her acting from school plays and professionally starts when got the opportunity in Hollywood at the age of nine year old and was cast as a Hermione in Harry potter series. Watson acted in all eight Harry Potter films and earned approximately £10 million. Later she starts modeling for different campaigns.

Country:         France 
Occupation:    Actress, Model
Net worth:      $40 Million

7: Taylor Swift

Taylor swift is a youngest multi-Grammy award-winning American singer and songwriter, who were born in Dec 13 1989. She started her career in music at the age 14th and became the youngest songwriter ever hired by music agencies. In 2006 her first song the name “Our Song” made her established as a country music star and received a Best New Artist nomination at the 2008 Grammy Awards.

Country:         United States
Occupation:    Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Actress
Net worth:      $80 Million

6: Megan Fox

Megan Fox was born May 16, 1986 in Rockwood, Tennessee. Megan is an American actress and model. She began her career in 2001 at the age of 13th with several TV shows and film roles. Her best known role is as Mikaela Banes in Transformer series “Transformer” in 2007 & “Transformers Revenge of the fallen” in 2009. Later she won and nominated in several awards & nominations.

Country:         United States
Occupation:    Actress, Model
Net worth:      $15 Million


5: Shia LaBeouf

Shia LeBeouf was born 11th June, 1986 in Los Angeles, California. Shia is an American actor and he was started his career with a Disney Channel series “Even Steven” in 2009. He is best known for playing Louis Steven role in this series and has won a Daytime Emmy Award for his performance.
        In 2007, when he played a role in blockbuster movie series “Transformers” then he became a best known with the role as “Sam Witwicky”.

Country:         American
Occupation:    Actor, Director
Net worth:      $25 Million

4: Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor and was born in 11th august 1983. He started his career with TV series the name “Guinevere Jones” and he became popular as Kim Hyde when he started new Australian TV series “Home and Away” in 2004.

       In 2009, His first appearance in Hollywood movies was “Star Trek”. But from that movie he didn’t gain that much popularity as he gained in movie “Thor” released in 2011. After his success Chris became known of his role as “Thor”. He won “People’s Choice Award Favorite Action Movie star”. Chris Hemsworth started new beginning in his career with Hollywood film industry.

Country:         Australia
Occupation:    Actor
Net worth:      $12 Million

3: Taylor Lautner

Taylor Daniel Lautner is an American actor, model and martial artist. He was born in 11th Feb 1992. Taylor is a keen martial artist and from the age of seven he has won many tournament local national international in karate. Later he began his acting career with “The Bernie Mac Show” 2003 & “My Wife and Kids” 2004. After his big achievement in “The Twilight Saga” he became well known as “Jacob Black” most important part of his popularity was of his extensively changed in his body due to this he got media attention and became a teen idol.

Country:         United States
Occupation:    Actor, Model
Net worth:      $40 Million

2: Selena Gomez

Selena Marie Gomez is an American Actress and singer. She was born in 22nd July 1992 Texas U.S.A.
She started her career as a child actress as Gianna in Barney & Friends in 2001. Where she really discover her talent in acting. and after that she had a small act role in Spy Kids 3D: Game Over in 2003.she audition three times for the series of "Wizards of Waverly Place" and Selena become well known for her role as "Alexa Russo" by this magical show. Between this period she had act with different role in different TV shows. In 2009 she became the founder and lead singer of the pop band Selena Gomez & the Scene, from the beginning of her profession of singing she gained popularity around the world with the album "Kiss & Tell" and "A Year without Rain” And now she is a part of Hollywood movies.

Country:         United States
Occupation:    Actress, Singer, Fashion Designer
Net worth:      $5.5 Million

1: Justine beiber

Justin beiber is a Canadian singer songwriter and actor. Justin was born in 1st March 1992. From his childhood he had an interest and learning by himself to play many instrument. When he was 12, he participated in local talent competition, and got second position. His posted clip on YouTube makes him more popular and he got attention of talent agent scooter Braun between all. His first song “One Time” was a worldwide Hit in 2009 and was certified platinum in Canada and United States.

                   He became the first artist to have seven songs listed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Justin has received numerous awards “Artist of the year” in 2010 & 2012 American Music Awards.

Country:         Canada
Occupation:    Singer, Song-writer, musician, producer, actor
Net worth:      $110 Million  


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