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Monday, February 25, 2013

10 Nuclear Powers In The World

1: USA

Year: 1945

United States was the first nuclear power in the world, and it is the only country that has ever used nuclear bomb on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the World War 2 in 1945. United States having the large number of Nuclear Bombs, and it comes on the 2nd highest rank.

Albert Einstein, the famous German Physics, give an idea to purify the uranium to make a Nuclear Bomb. He invented the Nuclear Bomb with the help of several other scientists.

2: Russia

Year: 1949

Russia had started its nuclear program in 1942, and after a great effort it has tested the first Nuclear Bomb in 1949. Russia has tremendously increased the number of Nuclear Weapons. Right now Russia has the largest number of Nuclear Weapons in the world. It has also built a floating Nuclear Power Station in 2010, which is the first Floating Nuclear Reactor in the world.

3: UK

Year: 1952

United Kingdom begins its program in 1940, and it becomes the third country to have Nuclear Power. UK is also in the list of those countries who have signed Non Proliferation Treaty. United Kingdom was the first country to start a nuclear power reactor for commercial use.

4: France

Year: 1960

France is the biggest Civil Nuclear Power producer in the world. Nuclear Power is the main source of its power generation, and it covers 80% of its electricity needs from Nuclear Power. France has started its nuclear program in 1957 and has established it first Nuclear Power Plant in 1962. Currently France is one of the largest electricity exporters in the world.

5: China

Year: 1964

China is the fifth Nuclear Power in the world. After the Taiwan Strait Crisis, China begins a Nuclear Weapons Program in 1955. China is also in the list of the Non Proliferation Treaty. Since 1964, China has maintained its Nuclear Doctrine of No First Use.

6: Israel

Year: 1967

Israel has started its Nuclear Program in 1950s, and it is the 6th biggest Nuclear Power in the world. Israel is in the list of those countries who have not yet signed Non Proliferation Treaty. Israel continued its policy of Strategic Ambiguity, which is known as the Nuclear Opacity. Israel has not publically confirmed nor denies having Nuclear Weapons.

7: India

Year: 1974

India is the third nuclear power in Asia. In 1967, India has started its nuclear program. India is one of those countries that have not signed the NPT. India has maintained of No First Use Policy. It has declared a Nuclear Doctrine of  “Credible Minimum Deterrence”.

8: Pakistan

Year: 1998

Pakistan is the first Muslim country that has Nuclear Power. In 1972, Pakistan begins its Nuclear Program and established in 1978, but because of enormous international pressure, it stay undeclared until 1998. Pakistan is also in the list of those countries who are not the signatory of Non Proliferation Treaty, but is a member of International Atomic Energy Agency.

9: North Korea

Year: 2006

North Korea, officially known as the Democratic Republic of Korea has started its Nuclear Program in 1957. It is the 5th Asian Country who has Nuclear Power. North Korea is not a member of Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, and has not signed the NPT.

10: Iran

Iran has started its Nuclear Program for commercial use in 1950s but, after the Iranian revolution in 1979, it was closed. In September 2011, Iran has established its first Nuclear Power Plant. Iran is the 10th Nuclear Capable Country.


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