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Friday, February 01, 2013

10 Fastest Animals In The World

10: Quarter Horse

Fastest Horse in the world.

Speed:            47.5 Miles / Hour

Quarter Horse is the fastest horse breed in the world. It is also known as the American Quarter Horse, and very popular in America. Quarter Horse is good for the race and because of the height and strong body it’s also used in Horse Show, English Disciplines and Calf Roping.

9: Red Fox

Speed:            48 Miles / Hour

Red Fox is the fastest breed of fox and the 9th fastest animal in the world. It is the largest breed among all other fox species and has 45 sub species across the globe. Red Fox is popular because of its intelligence and cunning habits. It is a solar hunter and can easily adjust in any environment. 

8: Brown Hare

Speed:            48 Miles / Hour

Brown Hare is also known as European Hare. It can grow up to 2 Feet long and can get 7 KG of weight. Brown Hare is a type of Rabbit but a different and the fastest specie in the world. They usually live in rural areas which are above sea level, and full of grass.


7: Thompson’s Gazelle

Speed:            50 Miles / Hour

Thompson’s Gazelle is a beautiful breed of deer. It can grow up to 3 Feet in height. Joseph Thomson discovered this beautiful animal, which is why it is called Thompson’s Gazelle. Thompson’s Gazelle live in Africa and can be found in a large number. This fast animal has the ability to turn very quickly while running, which makes it very difficult for any predator to catch them.

6: Blackbuck

Speed:            50 Miles / Hour

Blackbuck is one of the fastest breed of deer in the world. They can beat anyone in a long distance, even a cheetah can’t catch blackbucks, if he could not get them within the first few hundred yards. Male Blackbucks are dark brown from their back and large in size, but their females are yellowish brown with no horns.

5: Lion

Speed:            50 Miles / Hour

Lion is the mightiest predator in the world. They live in groups which called prides. Pride has a dozen of lionesses with 3 to 4 lions whose are brothers or sons. Lionesses are the main hunter and they hunt in a group with great strategy and speed. Lions are in 10 different colors around the world. Female lion can live up to 20 years while male lion can live 15 years.

4: Wildebeest

Speed:            52 Miles / Hour

Wildebeest is the 4th fastest land animal, also known as gnu. They are one of the cows and found only in Africa. There are two types of Wildebeest around the world, Black Wildebeest and Blue Wildebeest. Wildebeest is a long runner animal, and every year it migrates from one area to another and covers a long distance due to the changes of the environment.

3: Springbok

Speed:            55 Miles / Hour

Springbok is the combination of two words Spring and Bok, which means a fastest running deer and who can jump like a spring. They can jump up to 10 Feet in height and 50 Feet in length. Springbok live in dry areas and can only be found in Africa, mainly in South Africa in the large number of groups.

2: Pronghorn Antelope

Speed:            60 Miles / Hour

Pronghorn Antelope is the 2nd fastest land animal in the world. North America is the only land where Pronghorn Antelope live. They are the social animals and live in groups. Pronghorn Antelope can grow up to 3.5 Feet in height and can get up to 60 KG weight while female can get 50 KG and have small horns.

1: Cheetah

Speed:            70 Miles / Hour

Cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. The speed of Cheetah is amazing, they can get their top speed 0 to 70 MPH with in just 9 second. Cheetah is a short distance running animal, after the hundred yards it’s difficult for them to maintain their speed. The body of Cheetah is perfect for running that’s why they can beat anyone in speed. 


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