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Sunday, January 27, 2013

10 Heighest Mountains In The World

10:  Annapurna

Annapurna is a Sanskrit name of a girl, Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain in the world & located in the Range of Himalayas in Nepal. Himalayas is a mountain range Extending 1500 miles on the Border between India and Tibet. Annapurna is one of the most Dangerous Mountain to climb. The Annapurna contains 6 Major peaks over 7,200 meters.

Range:            Annapurna Himalaya
Height:            8.091 Meter / 26547 Feet
Country:          Nepal
Continent:       Asia

9: Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat is the Urdu name of mountain which means Naked Mountain, because of its sharp slopes that are without snow or vegetation. Nanga Parbat is also called “The Murder Mountain”. It is the 9th highest Mountain in the world and the 2nd  highest Mountain in Pakistan. This deadly mountain is located in Gilgit-Baltistan, Northern areas of Pakistan. 

Range:            Nanga Parbat Himalaya
Height:            8,126 Meter / 26,660 Feet
Country:          Pakistan
Continent:       Asia


Manaslu is the 8th Biggest Mountain in the world, and also known as “Kutang”. Manaslu is located in Nepal Himalayas. Manaslu Height 8156 meters from the Sea level. This Himalaya is one of the highest peaks in this planet.

Range:            Manaslu Himalaya
Height:            8,163 Meter / 26,781 Feet
Country:          Nepal
Continent:       Asia

7: Dhaulagiri

Dhaulagiri is a Sanskrit name it means a beautiful mountain. Dhaulagiri Mountain located in the Himalayas of Nepal. Dhaulagiri peak recorded as 8,167 meter and take 7th place of highest Mountain in the world.

Range:            Dhaulagiri Himalaya
Height:            8,167 Meter / 26,795 Feet
Country:          Nepal
Continent:       Asia

6: Cho Oyu

Cho Oyu meaning of name is “Turquoise Goddess” in Tibetan. It is located in west of Mount Everest on the Tibet and Nepal border. Cho Oyu is the 6th highest Mountain in the world and 5th in Nepal. Cho Oyu recorded elevation as 8201 meter and in feet 26,906 above sea level.

Range:            Mahalangur Himalaya
Height:            8,188 Meter / 26,864 Feet
Country:          Nepal
Continent:       Asia

5: Makalu

Makalu is the 5th highest mountains in the world and is located in the Himalayas on the border between Nepal and China. Makalu and isolate the top of the mountain, which is the form like four side of the pyramid and its measured peakedness 8481 meters.

Range:           Mahalangur Himalaya
Height:           8,485 Meter / 27,838 Feet
Country:         Nepal
Continent:      Asia

4: Lhotse

Lhotse means “South Peak” in Tibetan. Lhotse is the 4th highest Mountain on earth and 3rd in Nepal. And it is located at border between Nepal and China and connected to Everest. Lhotse measured height 8516 meters above from Sea level.

Range:            Mahalangur Himalaya
Height:            8,516 Meter / 27,940 Feet
Country:          Nepal
Continent:       Asia

3: Kangchenjunga

Kangchenjunga is the Mountain in Himalayas on border between Nepal and India. Kangchenjunga standing with the Rank 3rd highest Mountain on this Planet and 2nd ranked in Nepal with measured Height 8586 meters. Kangchenjunga has an enormous length. The meaning of Kangchenjunga mountain is "The Five Treasures of Snows".

Range:            Kangchenjunga Himalaya
Height:            8,586 Meter / 28,169 Feet
Country:          Nepal
Continent:       Asia

2: K2

K2 is the 2nd Highest Mountain in the world and the Highest Peak in Pakistan. K2 also known as Chogori which means “The king of Mountain”. And K2 is belongs from Karakoram the mountain range. K2 is located in Gilgit region of Pakistan.

Range:            Karakoram
Height:            8,611 Meter / 28,251 Feet
Country:          Pakistan
Continent:       Asia

1: Mount Everest

Mount Everest is Highest Mountain in the world and another name of this biggest rock on the Earth is “Chomolangma” which means “Goddess Mother of Snow”. Mount Everest located on the border of Nepal and Tibet.

Range:           Mahalangur Himalaya
Height:           8,848 Meter / 29,029 Feet
Country:         Nepal
Continent:      Asia 


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