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Friday, January 04, 2013

10 Most Expensive Hand Watches


10: Franck Muller – Aeternitas Mega 4 Watch

Worth: 2.7 Million Dollars ($ 2,700,000)

Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 is the most complex wristwatch ever made.

It has more than 1400 different components. It is the most crucial watch, contains Hours counter, Minutes counter, 24 hours separate counter, Calendar, Chronograph, two time zones, Movement power reserve and Fly back hand mechanism.

This astounding master piece was sold in 2009


9: Cartier – Secret Phoenix Decor Watch 

Worth: 2.75 Million Dollars ($ 2,755,000)

Cartier Secret watch is a phoenix shape hand watch having small size dial. Over 3000 anomalous cut diamonds used to embellish this stunning watch. 

Pear shaped eye of this phoenix is made of 3.53 carat diamond. 
The total weight of all diamonds is 80.13 carats which are used in this bird shape hand watch. 

8: Patek Philippe 1953 Model 2523 Heures Universelles Watch

Worth: 2.89 Million Dollars ($ 2,899,373) 

Patek Philippe 1953 Model 2523 is a 24 hours world time viewing hand watch. This is very rear and complex design wrist watch.

18 karat gold used to design this watch. North America map is designed in the middle of the dial, which shows an extraordinary sight.

This dazzling hand watch was sold in 2006

7: Piaget Emperador Temple Watch

Worth: 3.5 Million Dollars ($ 3,500,000)

Piaget Emperador Temple is a diamond encrusted watch. Over 1200 diamonds used to make this luxurious watch.  

The uniqueness of this hand watch is the usage of different cuts diamonds for exaggerating this watch. Baguette cut diamond, Emerald cut diamond, Brilliant cut diamond.

The most interesting feature of this master piece is the pyramid shape dazzling case that opens in twice. First case has a little face covering a little time meter. The second case has a large face with an exposed one minute tourbillion and power measuring device.

6: Patek Philippe 1928 Single Button Chronograph Watch

Worth: 3.63 Million Dollars ($ 3,637,408)

Patek Philippe 1928 single button chronograph is a unique design wrist watch was manufactured in 1928.

This is an 18K white gold cushion shaped case with silvered matte dial and white gold breguet numerals.

This is a rare example of single button chronograph watch with two vertical contributory dials for 30 minutes register and constant seconds.
This stunning watch was sold in 2011

5: Patek Philippe’s Platinum World Time Watch

Worth: 4 Million Dollars ($ 4,000,000)

Patek Philippe’s Platinum World Time is a luxurious design watch. This design is available in Yellow, White, Rose Gold and Platinum.

This is a most complicated watch ever made. A very cool thing about this watch is display 24 hour time zones in different countries.

Creators of this timepiece infused a sleek design with sensational technology. The owners of this watch can switch different time zones without resetting the movement.

This timeless piece was sold in 2010


4: Louis Moinet Meteoris Watches

Worth: 4.59 Million Dollars ($ 4,599,487)

Louis Moinet Meteoris is the set of four unique watches. The most interesting element of this set is each watch dial is made out of the world material.

Louis Moinet Meteoris collected pieces of the Moon, Mars, Mercury and an Asteroid. Each watch has a small but unique design mirrored and on the top of the watch at the apex of the mainspring barrel. The watches have sapphire crystal and one minute tourbillon manually wound movements. 

A unique Planetarium is also included in the Louis Moinet Meteoris watches collection, which shows the rotation of the plants, has accelerated.



3: Hublot Diamond Watch

Worth: 5 Million Dollars ($ 5,000,000)

This watch has 18k white gold chases with 4.4 mm 18k white gold dial.
The bracelet is also covered with 18k white gold. 
Another six emerald cut diamonds, all over 3 carats each. 

The watch is covered with total 1282 diamonds, more than 100 carats in baguettes alone and all A VVS clarity.
17 people at Hublot expend almost 14 months to set 1282 diamonds to make this extra ordinary Diamond Watch.

2: Patek Philippe Reference 1527 Watch 

Worth: 5.63 Million Dollars ($ 5,637,000)

This is a vintage piece watch, was manufactured in 1943. At that time it was the large size hand watch.

This watch has 18k golden gold chase with 37.6 mm silvered matte dial.
It has Gold Arab numerals, and Date and Moon phase indicators with Railway Tachymeter Scale.

This master piece was sold in 2010



1: 201 Carat Chopard Watch

Worth: 25 Million Dollars ($ 25,000,000)

This watch has 4 different color diamonds. There are three heart shaped diamonds.
Pink diamond of 15 carat 
Blue diamond of 12 carat 
Silver diamond of 11 carat
The total weight of white and yellow diamonds is 163 carat.

This watch has a spring loaded system of the machine, through which three big diamonds can be open to see the time.

This timepiece was sold in 2000


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